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Plastic Crusher in mumbai

Plastic Crusher in mumbai
Performance Charateristics
Performance Charateristics

We offer very Competitive price for Plastic Crusher in mumbai, INDIA.

Plastic Crusher  MUMBAI Producer provide power plastic content crushers and large firm plastic content crushers.We can also provide the finish spend plastic content reuse range and other plastic content reuse equipment: PET container cleaning range, PE flim cleaning range, plastic content shreders , plastic content extrusion range products: pvc tube extrusion line
Force crushers:
The body of this sequence crusher made of large welded metal and “clam-shell” framework, simple to clean, to modify blades and to repair. Different wheels are used to different materials.
According to your requirements, ruining and gathering system and noise-proof system can be prepared.

Immediately Recycling Crusher
Performance characteristic
Low speed running and disturbance, no dirt traveling.
Double part pulverizing and separating between rough and fine pulverizing High effective pulverizing
No strainer, even pulverized granule and no dirt.
The multiple safety protection system is in accordance to CE standard.
The motorized inflator fan or suction power machine can be chosen to modify to reuse the pulverized content.
Small cubage, little space.

We are giving Plastic Crusher mumbai at best rate .

IVR Plastic Machinery & Solutions is a supplier of auxiliary equipments for the plastics industry mumbai . IVR has a complete range of auxillary machinery to respond to any requirement in the specific areas of Injection moulding , Blow Moulding, Extrusion, INDIA