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Plastic Autoloader in Mumbai

Performance Characteristics

  • Imported high speed commutator motor, small cubage and strong suction.
  • Connection between operation controller and electric control box free and convenient operation.
  • The micro computer controls and the accurate action.
  • Out hanged air storage device to thoroughly clean the dust on the strainer.
  • Electronic action detector and low fault rate.
  • Multi fault indicator lamp to facilitate the custormer knowing the reason and handling in time.

Model Motor
Conveying Capacity
Material hopper Volume(L) Conveying Tube Cailbre(mm) External Dimensions (cm) Weight
IAL-300C 1 250 4.5 6 @38 360*260*500 10
IAL-300CE 1 250 4.5 6 @38 360*260*600 10
IAL-360 1.1 300 4.5 6 @38 320*260*570 12
IAL-360E 1.1 300 4.5 6 @38 320*320*600 13
IAL-390 1.2 350 4.5 12 @38 400*300*500 19
IAL-390E 1.2 350 4.5 12 @38 400*300*500 19
IAL-400 0.75 350 4.5 12 @38 400*300*500 25
Plastic Autoloader mumbai is used for running plastic content to hopper clothing dryer or plastic hypodermic injection creating device instantly based on concept of device .IVR is one of China’s most prominent Supplier of Plastics auxillary machinery . It specializes in the design and making of Auto Loaders ( mumbai ). Along with the auto loaders, auto loader engine, automatic loading equipments and the material hopper are also made.

Broadly speaking, there are 2 kinds of auto loader machines developed at DaKumar. The devices and machines built at DaKumar come with many salient features. Few of these are mentioned as below:

The main engine and material hopper are designed separately. This makes it safe, easy and convenient to use.
A Micro Trip Computer controls all the operations of the machine.
The machine is equipped with an independent filter that keeps away dust and hence increases the life of the machine.
The noise that occurs during the operations is reduced with the help of a muffler.
The material hopper is made out of stainless steel that renders it light weight. Hence, it is easy to use and be cleaned without much hassle.
The control box is designed separately. It is from here that the machine is operated.
The auto buzzer will raise an alarm in case there is insufficient loading.
There is an auto protective device attached that prevents the machine from overloading.

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IVR Plastic Equipment & Alternatives is a provider of reliable accessories for the
plastics market mumbai . IVR has a complete range of auxillary machinery to
respond to any need in the particular areas of Injection moulding , Strike
Moulding, Extrusion, INDIA