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Plastic Autoloader in india

Performance Characteristics

  • Imported high speed commutator motor, small cubage and strong suction.
  • Connection between operation controller and electric control box free and convenient operation.
  • The micro computer controls and the accurate action.
  • Out hanged air storage device to thoroughly clean the dust on the strainer.
  • Electronic action detector and low fault rate.
  • Multi fault indicator lamp to facilitate the custormer knowing the reason and handling in time.

Model Motor
Conveying Capacity
Material hopper Volume(L) Conveying Tube Cailbre(mm) External Dimensions (cm) Weight
IAL-300C 1 250 4.5 6 @38 360*260*500 10
IAL-300CE 1 250 4.5 6 @38 360*260*600 10
IAL-360 1.1 300 4.5 6 @38 320*260*570 12
IAL-360E 1.1 300 4.5 6 @38 320*320*600 13
IAL-390 1.2 350 4.5 12 @38 400*300*500 19
IAL-390E 1.2 350 4.5 12 @38 400*300*500 19
IAL-400 0.75 350 4.5 12 @38 400*300*500 25
Plastic Autoloader mumbai is used for running plastic content to hopper clothing dryer or plastic hypodermic injection creating device instantly based on concept of device .


Autoloader design SAL-300Cmodel SAL-300C, SAL-300CE

High-speed rectifier engine (PANASONIC/Japan);
Lightweight framework, great suction power power, appropriate for running virgin mobile resin;
Simple function and maintenance;
Stainless-steel hopper with automated resin-lack alarm;
Motor security device;
Can fill content much more quickly and accurately is prepared with indicator (electric eye, design SAL-300CE).

auto loading device SINO-300GE
Features :
The main engine and the content hopper are developed independently,and thus it is
safe,easy and practical to be opperated.
The whole function is managed by MicroTrip computer.
Furnished with an separate narrow,which is very practical to clean up dirt.
The prepared muffler decreases the disturbance in function.
Stainless-steel content hopper is lightweight,durable and very practical
for washing the product.
The control box,being developed independently,is simple to be well managed.
Auto-buzzer will give alert while missing content.
Auto-protective system defends engine against over filling.

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